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Other implementations
func (v *Vertex) Dfs(f func(*Vertex), seen map[*Vertex]bool) {
	seen[v] = true
	for next, isEdge := range v.Neighbours {
		if isEdge && !seen[next] {
			next.Dfs(f, seen)
use std::rc::{Rc, Weak};
use std::cell::RefCell;
struct Vertex<V> {
	value: V,
	neighbours: Vec<Weak<RefCell<Vertex<V>>>>,

// ...

fn dft_helper(start: Rc<RefCell<Vertex<V>>>, f: &impl Fn(&V), s: &mut Vec<*const Vertex<V>>) {
	for n in &start.borrow().neighbours {
		let n = n.upgrade().expect("Invalid neighbor");
		if s.iter().all(|&p| p != n.as_ptr()) {
			Self::dft_helper(n, f, s);