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Other implementations
import std.getopt;
void main(string[] args)
    void bat(){} void fox(){}
    getopt(args, "b", &bat, "f", &fox);
import "flag"
var b = flag.Bool("b", false, "Do bat")
var f = flag.Bool("f", false, "Do fox")

func main() {
	if *b {
	if *f {
bat if ARGV.include?("b")
fox if ARGV.include?("f")
import sys
if 'b' in sys.argv[1:]: bat()
if 'f' in sys.argv[1:]: fox()
if let Some(arg) = ::std::env::args().nth(1) {
    if &arg == "f" {
    } else if &arg = "b" {
    } else {
	eprintln!("invalid argument: {}", arg),
} else {
    eprintln!("missing argument");
#include <unistd.h>
int main(int argc, char * argv[])
        int optch;
        while ((optch = getopt(argc, argv, "bf")) != -1) {
                switch (optch) {
                        case 'b': bat(); break;
                        case 'f': fox(); break;
        return 0;
for (@ARGV) {
    use experimental 'switch';
    bat when 'b';
    fox when 'f';
  do i=1, command_argument_count ()
     call get_command_argument (i, length=length)
     if (length > len(opt)) then
        deallocate (opt)
        allocate (character(length) :: opt)
     end if
     call get_command_argument (i, opt)
     if (opt(1:1) /= '-') exit
     do j=2, length
        select case (opt(j:j))
        case ('b')
           print *,"bat"
        case ('f')
           print *,"fox"
        end select
     end do
  end do
void Main(string[] args)
  if (args.Contains("b")) bat();
  else if (args.Contains("f")) fox();
options = {
	'b': bat
	'f': fox

for option, function in options:
	if option in sys.argv[1:]:
if let Some(arg) = ::std::env::args().nth(1) {
    match arg.as_str() {
        "f" => fox(),
        "b" => box(),
        _ => eprintln!("invalid argument: {}", arg),
} else {
    eprintln!("missing argument");