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Other implementations
var ab = a.concat(b);
ab = a + b
int[] a, b;
auto ab = a ~ b;
int[] a, b;
auto ab = chain(a, b);
ab = a ++ b
ab := append(a, b...)
var ab []T
ab = append(append(ab, a...), b...)
ab := make([]T, len(a)+len(b))
copy(ab, a)
copy(ab[len(a):], b)
ab = a + b
let ab = [a, b].concat();
auto ab = a;
ab.insert (ab.end (), b.begin (), b.end ());
$ab = array_merge($a, $b);
val ab = a ++ b
ab = a ++ b
@ab = (@a, @b)
var ab = new ArrayList<>(a);
(setf ab (append a b))
var list1 = new List<int>(){1,2,3};
var list2 = new List<int>(){4,5,6};

var list3 = list1.Concat(list2);
real, dimension(:), allocatable :: ab

ab = [a, b]
(def ab (concat a b))
var a = [1,2,3];
var b = [3,2,4];
var ab = a + b;
AB = A ++ B.
(define ab (append a b))
ab = {}

table.foreach(a, function(k, v) table.insert(ab, v) end)
table.foreach(b, function(k, v) table.insert(ab, v) end)