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Other implementations
import "strconv"
s := strconv.Itoa(i)
my $s = "" . $i;
String s=((Integer)i).toString();
#include <stdlib.h>
char s[0x1000]={};
$s = "$i";
let s = i.to_string();
import std.conv;
string s = to!string(i);
s = str(i)
var s = "$i";
s = i.to_s
s = Integer.to_string(i)
s = to_string(i)
s = show i
import "strconv"
s := strconv.FormatInt(i, 10)
S = integer_to_list(I).
import "fmt"
s := fmt.Sprintf("%d", i)
var s = i.toString();
(let [s (str i)])
s = tostring(i)
string s = i.ToString()
S : String := Integer'Image (I);
#include <string>
auto s = std::to_string(i);
val s = i.toString
String s = Integer.toString(i);
String s = String.valueOf(i);
(define s (number->string i))
$s = (string)$i;
$s = "{$i}";
(setf s (princ-to-string i))
val x = 42.toString()
  write (unit=s,fmt=*) i
Dim myInt As Integer = 12345