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Other implementations
import "math/big"
gcd.GCD(nil, nil, a, b)
x.Div(a, gcd).Mul(x, b)
from fractions import gcd
x = (a*b)//gcd(a, b)
extern crate num;

use num::Integer;
use num::bigint::BigInt;
let x = a.lcm(&b);
x = a.lcm(b)
defmodule BasicMath do
	def gcd(a, 0), do: a
	def gcd(0, b), do: b
	def gcd(a, b), do: gcd(b, rem(a,b))
	def lcm(0, 0), do: 0
	def lcm(a, b), do: (a*b)/gcd(a,b)
x = lcm a b
import std.numeric: gcd
uint x = (a * b) / gcd(a, b);