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Other implementations
import "strings"
b := strings.HasSuffix(s, suffix)
var b = s.endsWith(suffix);
$b = $suffix eq substr($s, -length($suffix));
b = s.endswith(suffix)
import std.algorithm.searching;
b = s.endsWith(suffix);
boolean b = s.endsWith(suffix);
uses strutils;
b := AnsiEndsStr(suffix, s);
import Data.Text
b = isSuffixOf suffix s
$b = (bool)preg_match("/{$suffix}$/", $s);
b = s.end_with?(suffix)
b = s:sub(-string.len(suffix)) == suffix
String.ends_with?(s, suffix)
let b = s.ends_with(suffix);
val b = s.endsWith(suffix)
bool b = s.EndsWith(suffix);
var _b = _s.EndsWith(_suffix);
return suffix.size() == s.size() - s.rfind(suffix);
  b = (s(len(s)-len(suffix)+1:) == suffix)