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Other implementations
Timestamp = {Seconds div 1000000, Seconds rem 1000000, 0},
import std.datetime, std.stdio;
auto d = SysTime(unixTimeToStdTime(ts), UTC());
var d = new DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(ts, isUtc: true);
import "time"
d := time.Unix(ts, 0)
require 'date'
d = DateTime.strptime(ts, '%s')
import java.util.Date;
Date date = new Date(numberOfSecondsSinceEpoch  * 1000);
import datetime
d =
extern crate chrono;
use chrono::prelude::*:
let d = NaiveDateTime::from_timestamp(ts, 0);
$d = DateTime::createFromFormat('U', $ts);
new Date (ts * 1000)