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Idiom #121 UDP listen and read

Listen UDP traffic on port p and read 1024 bytes into buffer b.

import (
ServerAddr,err := net.ResolveUDPAddr("udp",p)
if err != nil {
	return err
ServerConn, err := net.ListenUDP("udp", ServerAddr)
if err != nil {
	return err
defer ServerConn.Close()
n,addr,err := ServerConn.ReadFromUDP(b[:1024])
if err != nil {
	return err
if n<1024 {
	return fmt.Errorf("Only %d bytes could be read.", n)
import std.socket;
ubyte[1024] b;

auto sock = new UdpSocket();
scope(exit) sock.close;

sock.bind(new InternetAddress(p));
$socket = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, SOL_UDP);
socket_bind($socket, '', 1337);

socket_recvfrom($socket, $buffer, 16, 0, $fromAddr, $fromPort);
echo "[{$fromAddr}:{$fromPort}]\t{$buffer}";

// Send a test from the command line such as:
// echo "hello" > /dev/udp/
use std::net::UdpSocket;
let mut b = [0 as u8; 1024];
let sock = UdpSocket::bind(("localhost", p)).unwrap();
sock.recv_from(&mut b).unwrap();

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