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Idiom #187 Disjoint Set

Disjoint Sets hold elements that are partitioned into a number of disjoint (non-overlapping) sets.

public class DisjointSetElement {
  private DisjointSetElement representative = this;

  public DisjointSetElement getRepresentative() {
    if (representative != this) {
      representative = representative.getRepresentative();
    return representative;

  public void union(DisjointSetElement other) {
    other.getRepresentative().representative = getRepresentative();
class UnionFind:
    def __init__(self, size):
        self.rank = [0] * size
        self.p = [i for i in range(size)]

    def find_set(self, i):
        if self.p[i] == i:
            return i
            self.p[i] = self.find_set(self.p[i])
            return self.p[i]

    def is_same_set(self, i, j):
        return self.find_set(i) == self.find_set(j)

    def union_set(self, i, j):
        if not self.is_same_set(i, j):
            x, y = self.find_set(i), self.find_set(j)
require 'set'

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