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Idiom #210 Compiler version and options

Assign, at runtime, the compiler version and the options the program was compilerd with to variables version and options, respectively, and print them. For interpreted languages, substitute the version of the interpreter.

Example output:

GCC version 10.0.0 20190914 (experimental)
-mtune=generic -march=x86-64

import sys
version = sys.version
options = sys.flags
use iso_fortran_env
  character(len=:), allocatable :: version, options
  version = compiler_version()
  options = compiler_options()
  print *,version
  print *,options
writeln({$I %fpcversion%});
use Config;
my $version = $Config{version};
# 5.28.1

my $version_for_humans = $Config{version_patchlevel_string};
# version 28 subversion 1

my %options = %Config{qw(config_args cccdlflags ccdlflags ccflags lddlflags libs)};
puts version = RUBY_VERSION

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