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Idiom #214 Pad string on the right

Append extra character c at the end of string s to make sure its length is at least m.
The length is the number of characters, not the number of bytes.

s = s.PadRight(m, c);
s = s.padRight(m, c);
That's automatically the way strings are handled, as specified by the Fortran language standard.
import "strings"
import "utf8"
if n := utf8.RuneCountInString(s); n < m {
	s += strings.Repeat(c, m-n)
s = s.padEnd(m, c);
uses LazUtf8;
s := UTF8PadRight(s,m,c);
$s = length($s) >= $m ? $s : $s . $c x ( $m-length($s) );
$s .= $c x ($m - length $s)
s = s.ljust(m, c)
s = s.ljust(m, c)
use pad::PadStr;
let out = s.pad_to_width_with_char(m, c);

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