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Idiom #158 Random sublist

Create a new list y from randomly picking exactly k elements from list x.

It is assumed that x has at least k elements.
Each element must have same probability to be picked.
Each element from x must be picked at most once.
Explain if the original ordering is preserved or not.

use rand::prelude::*;
let mut rng = &mut rand::thread_rng();
let y = x.choose_multiple(&mut rng, k).cloned().collect::<Vec<_>>();
import std.random;
auto y = randomSample(x, k);
import "math/rand"
y := make([]T, k)
perm := rand.Perm(len(x))
for i, v := range perm[:k] {
	y[i] = x[v]
import System.Random (randomRIO)
randomSample :: Int -> [a] -> IO [a]
randomSample 0 x = pure []
randomSample k x = do
   i <- randomRIO (0, length x - 1)
   let (a, e:b) = splitAt i x
   l <- randomSample (k-1) (a ++ b)
   pure (e : l)
$y = array_intersect_key($x, array_flip(array_rand($x, $k)));
Types, Math
function RandArr(Max: Integer): TIntegerDynArray;
  i, j, temp: Integer;
  SetLength(Result, Max+1);
  for i := Low(Result) to High(Result) do Result[i] := i;
  i := Length(Result);
  while i > 0 do
    j := RandomRange(0,i);
    temp := Result[i];
    Result[i] := Result[j];
    Result[j] := temp;
  Idx: TIntegerDynArray;
  Idx := RandArr(High(X));
  SetLength(Y, k);
  for i := 0 to k-1 do Y[i] := X[Idx];
import random
y = random.sample(x, k)
y = x.sample(k)

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