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Idiom #44 Insert element in list

Insert the element x at position i in the list s. Further elements must be shifted to the right.

Inserting the element x at a given position in the list s
s.insert (s.begin () + i, x);
using System.Collections.Generic;
s.Insert(i, x);
import std.array;
s.insertInPlace(i, x);
s.insert(i, x);
List.insert_at(s, i, x)
{Left, Right} = lists:split(I-1, S),
Left ++ [X|Right].
integer, dimension(:), allocatable :: s

s = [s(1:i-1), x, s(i:)]
s = append(s, 0)
copy(s[i+1:], s[i:])
s[i] = x
import "golang.org/x/exp/slices"
s = slices.Insert(s, i, x)
take i s ++ x : drop i s
s.splice(i, 0, x);
import java.util.List;
s.add(i, x);
s.add(i, x)
array_splice($s, $i, 0, $x);
Uses Classes;
s.Insert(i, x)
splice(@s, $i, 0, $x);
s.insert(i, x)
s.insert(i, x)
s.insert(i, x);

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