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Idiom #117 Get list size

Set n to the number of elements of list x.

size_t n = x.size();
with Ada.Containers.Vectors;
use Ada.Containers;
N : Count_Type := X.Length;
size_t n = sizeof(x)/sizeof(*x);
int n = x.Length;
using System.Collections.Generic;
int n = x.Count;
import std.range.primitives;
n = walkLength(x);
auto n = x.length;
int n = x.length;
n = Enum.count(x)
N = length(X).
n := len(x)
n = length x
var n = x.length;
int n = x.size();
int n = x.length;
(setf n (length x))
local n = #x
$n = count($x);
n := length(x);
my $N = @x;
n = len(x)
n = x.length
let n = x.len();

val n = x.size
(define n (length x))

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