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Idiom #156 Format integer with zero-padding

Assign to string s the value of integer i in 3 decimal digits. Pad with zeros if i < 100. Keep all digits if i1000.

my $s = sprintf '%03d', $i;
(def s (format "%03d" i))
string s = string.Format("{0:000}",i);
import std.format : format;
string s = format("%03d", i);
write (unit=s,fmt='(I0.3)') i
import "fmt"
s := fmt.Sprintf("%03d", i)
let s = i.toString();
  s = ('00'+i).slice(-3);
String s = String.format("%03d", i);
$s = sprintf('%03d', $i);
s := format('%.3d',[i]);
s = format('03d', i)
s = "%03d" % i
let s = format!("{:03}", i);

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